Kunzite crystal from Afghanistan - click to enlarge
10 Nov 2015

Kunzite Guide

Kunzite is classified as a form of spodumene. There are actually a number of different types of spodumene, all classified according to their color.

Spodumene may occur in yellow, yellowish-green, deep emerald, pink, purple, or colorless varieties. The pink or purplish spodumene is called “kunzite”.

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Rhodochrosite crystals on matrix
07 Nov 2015

Rhodochrosite Guide

One of the most distinctive-looking gemstones you will ever see is rhodochrosite. This manganese carbonate mineral has the chemical composition MnCO3, and features soft, rosy hues. The banded patterns it displays are similar to those you would find in malachite.

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Large ammolite specimen
04 Nov 2015

Ammolite Guide

If you are a natural history buff, you will fall in love with ammolite from the moment you see it. This gemstone is resplendent with iridescent rainbow colors and resembles opal when it is processed into a polished cabochon.

But it is the natural form of ammolite that will really capture your imagination. Because ammolite is part of a fossil!

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Blue tanzanite crystals
31 Oct 2015

Tanzanite Guide

With its deep mesmerizing ultramarine color, tanzanite is a captivating gemstone. Looking into its facets, you may feel as if you are staring down into the depths of the sea.

While its existence was not even known until the 1960s, it has become a very popular and valuable gemstone, coveted around the world by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

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Large rose quartz crystal
29 Oct 2015

Rose Quartz Guide

If you ever walked into a rock shop when you were a kid and purchased those tumbled gemstones you can buy for a few dollars, chances are good one of your first acquisitions was a piece of tumbled rose quartz.

Rose quartz is common and generally inexpensive, yet it is a beautiful gemstone with a rich history.

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A museum grade moldavite (tektite) specimen - also known as 'flower burst moldavite'
06 Sep 2015

Moldavite Guide

Moldavite is not very well-known and only high quality stones can look spectacular. Nonetheless, its ‘extra-terrestrial’ origin makes for a very interesting gemstone.

Its deep green color, its history and beautiful shapes and patterns make this a stone that every collector can appreciate.

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Pietersite gemstone
16 Aug 2015

Pietersite: Swirling Gemstone of Storms

If you are in the market for a remarkably unique-looking gemstone which will captivate your senses, look no further than pietersite. This gemstone showcases a spectacular rainbow of hues with a distinctive, sparkling shine. TABLE OF CONTENTS Properties, Color & Uses Buying Guide Care & Cleaning History Video Similar Gemstones

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3-stone synthetic moissanite engagement ring
21 Jul 2015

Moissanite Guide

If you are curious about moissanite, chances are good you are shopping for an engagement ring, or you also have an interest in diamonds.

Perhaps you have seen moissanite engagement rings for sale as a cheaper alternative to traditional diamond rings, and you are wondering if the lower price is worth it.

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iolite gemstone cordierite pleochroism
10 Jul 2015

Iolite Guide

Iolite may not be the best known gemstone in the world, but its shifting colors and intriguing history are a draw for gemstone enthusiasts around the world.

With its deep violet blue color it is also a more affordable alternative to tanzanite and blue sapphire.

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Whitney Alexandrite - composite image of the alexandrite color change
09 Feb 2015

Alexandrite: Russian Beauty

Alexandrite is a rare and expensive gemstone named to honor the Russian Tsar Alexander II (1818-1881). Its most prized feature is that it changes color under natural and artificial light. Despite recent finds of alexandrite in Brazil, Tanzania and Burma it is still hard to find high quality natural alexandrite.

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