peachy pink morganite crystal guide
15 Aug 2016

Morganite: Charming Pink Gemstone

Morganite is a gemstone known for its light pastel colors like soft pink, rose and peach. Large morganite stones can have a pinkish-purple color, but this is quite rare. Morganite is an affordable gemstone and though not as hard as diamond or sapphire you can wear it every day. Table

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Large yellow citrine crystal
29 Jun 2016

Citrine Guide

Popularly known as “gold topaz,” citrine is a mesmerizing gemstone which is actually most closely related to amethyst.

As the birthstone for November, it has the benefit of being affordable as well as beautiful. Let’s learn more about this beloved form of quartz!

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19 Jun 2016

Sugilite Guide

For those that love purple, sugilite is one of the most beautiful gemstones. It’s a fairly rare mineral, sometimes also called “lavulite”. Occasionally, you may see sugilite marketed under the trade name “Royal Azel”.

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Rough aquamarine beryl crystal
15 Jun 2016

Aquamarine: Jewel of the Sea

If you love the clear, sparkling, warm blue waves of the Caribbean Sea, aquamarine is the perfect gemstone for you. Aquamarine’s name reflects its magical appearance, taken from the Latin “aqua marina,” which means “water of the sea.” It is actually a type of beryl, and is very popular in

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Blue benitoite crystal on matrix from the USA
05 Jun 2016

Benitoite Guide

If you are in search if a rare and compelling gemstone which could serve as the crowning jewel for any collection, you will want to take a look at benitoite.

Benitoite is found in a number of locations, but gem-quality specimens have only been discovered in California. For this reason, it is the state’s official gemstone.

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Orange sphalerite and galena (metallic) from China
15 Apr 2016

Sphalerite: Amazing Zinc Gemstone

Sphalerite is not a very well-known gemstone, but it is certainly an intriguing one. Sphalerite gems are usually a bright, fiery orange. Faceted the right way, they can be dazzling to behold. Interestingly enough, in its raw form, sphalerite is usually grayish in color, but may also be that deep,

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Chalcedony (SiO2) from the National Museum in Prague
14 Mar 2016

Chalcedony Guide

Chalcedony is not actually a species of mineral, but rather any form of microcrystalline quartz. So it is actually is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of semi-precious gemstones. Many of these will be familiar to you from the rock shop, including agate, carnelian, heliotrope, onyx, and others.

Let’s learn more about chalcedony in all its forms!

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fulgurite petrified lightning glass
05 Mar 2016

Fulgurite: Petrified Lightning

Calling fulgurite a gemstone is a bit of a reach, however you can actually buy fulgurite jewelry. Fulgurite is definitely not like the clear glass sculptures you may have seen in the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”. Most of them look quite plain in reality, but what is fulgurite and how

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Closeup of polished charoite
05 Jan 2016

Charoite Guide

If you love purple gemstones or know somebody who does, but want to shop for something a little more interesting and unique than amethyst, charoite is a great alternative.

This gemstone is chatoyant and features marvelous patterns of swirls which can be quite entrancing.

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Polished azurite cabochon
28 Dec 2015

Azurite Guide

At the gem shop, have you ever picked up a piece of malachite and found that part of the stone was a deep, mesmerizing blue?

If so, you may have actually been looking at a specimen which contained azurite. Click to learn more about this stunning gemstone!

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