Tumbled rocks rock tumbling guide
17 Nov 2013

Rock Tumbling: Free Beginner’s Guide to Tumbling Gemstones

Our free guide to rock tumbling is an excellent place to start if you are interested in turning your rough rocks into shiny gemstones.

This guide is aimed at leading a beginner through every step of the rock tumbling process.

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14 Nov 2013

Ancient Roman Gemstones

If you enjoyed our article about ancient Egyptian gemstones, you may be curious about gemstones in other parts of the ancient world.

The most important Western power in the ancient world was the Roman Empire. Find out which gems they valued most and why..

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Solitaire diamond engagement ring with semi-channel set diamonds in yellow gold
15 Oct 2013

Should You Buy a Diamond Detector?

One of the many methods used to tell if a diamond is real is the use of a diamond detector, or diamond tester.

But what is a diamond tester, how does it work, and do you even need one’

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Agate - how to search for agates
04 Oct 2013

How to Search for Agates

Agates are one of the most common stones in the world, still you may have had no luck in finding them yourself.

So how do you actually find these beautiful stones while you’re outside enjoying nature’

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Agate - how to search for agates
29 Sep 2013

9 Different Types of Agate

Agates are some of the most common stones on the planet. In fact, thousands of different agates have been named and cataloged throughout the world.

Find out what different types of agates exist and how they were formed.

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Amethyst necklace
22 Sep 2013

Top 10 Biggest Jewelry Heists in Recent History

While the shimmer and sparkle of jewels are part of their allure, they are perhaps just as fascinating because of their high value.

That certainly is their main attraction for jewel thieves. So, are you curious about the biggest jewelry heists in recent history’

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Agate - how to search for agates
19 Sep 2013

How Do Agates Form?

When you find a rock you cannot identify, what is your first guess? Many casual collectors will guess that their new find is an agate.

It usually is a good guess, agate is very common and has a huge variety of colors. Read this article on how agates are formed to find ..

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Blue benitoite crystal on matrix from the USA
17 Sep 2013

Official List of State Gemstones of the US

As there are birthstones and anniversary stones, there are also state gemstones. These gemstones have been designated by the various states in the US as their official gemstone.

Find out if your state has a gemstone of its own!

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14 Sep 2013

The Anniversary Stones Gift List

Are you looking for an anniversary gift for someone special? Just take a look at our anniversary stones list and find the perfect gift.

This list is officially endorsed by the Gemological Institute of America and has a precious stone for every occasion!

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10 Sep 2013

Types of Gem Cutting

Some jewelry uses rough or tumbled gemstones, but the majority of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings use cut gemstones.

Find out what types of gem cutting are commonly used by ..

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