blue logan sapphire largest cut what color does sapphire come in
04 Apr 2015

What Color Is Sapphire?

If you have been shopping for sapphires recently, however, you may have noticed a surprising trend in sapphire jewelry. You may have seen sapphires advertised in different colors, and even something called “rainbow sapphire jewelry.”

Just how many colors does sapphire come in? Are these gemstones treated to alter their hues, or are they natural sapphires?

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engagement ring jewelry insurance
10 Mar 2015

Jewelry Insurance: How to Insure Your Jewelry

“A diamond is forever,” goes the famous De Beers slogan for engagement rings. While the slogan now seems timeless, is a diamond really forever?

Not if you drop it down the garbage disposal one day, lose it on a rollercoaster or when it is stolen. Read on to find out how to insure your jewelry and save money.

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corundum crystals is ruby a sapphire
26 Feb 2015

Is a Ruby a Type of Sapphire?

It is usually said that there are four precious gemstones in the world: diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

You may have heard that rubies and sapphires are essentially the same gemstone, and that the only difference is color: rubies are red and sapphires are not, but is that really true?

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citrine gemstone Brazil heated amethyst orange
11 Feb 2015

Gemstone Treatments Beginners Guide

Why is it important to get educated on gemstone treatments you may ask?

Because treatments often increase the beauty, but reduce the value of gemstones. You might pay an unfair price for a treated gemstone thinking that it is 100% natural. Read our guide to avoid common mistakes.

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aquamarine pendant - How to start jewelry making
05 Jun 2014

Aquamarine – How to Wear

Purchasing jewelry with aquamarines keep in mind that they should also be worn correctly. How to Wear Aquamarine:  It is necessary to take into account its compatibility with the signs of the zodiac. Thus, aquamarine is suitable for Libra and Pieces. Scorpios should not wear it. Aquamarine is not recommended

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How to sell jewelry - complete guide
27 Mar 2014

How to Sell Jewelry: The Complete Guide

If you started jewelry making after reading our previous guides, you may be thinking “What can I do with all this jewelry'”

The answer is simple: Sell it! In this installment guide you will find everything you need to start selling your own jewelry!

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aquamarine pendant - How to start jewelry making
01 Mar 2014

How To Start Jewelry Making: Beginner’s Guide

Our free guide to jewelry making is an excellent place to start if you want to find out how to start making your own jewelry.

From buying supplies, to picking the right gemstones, everything you need to know about …

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Green brass wire wrapped bracelet - wire wrapping guide
27 Jan 2014

Wire Wrapping: Free Beginner’s Guide

Would you like to start making your own beautiful jewelry? If so, take a look at our free wire wrapping guide written by Kyla Cardinalis.

This guide will lead a beginner through every part of the wire wrapping process and …

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23 Dec 2013

What is Fee Mining?

Are you wondering where you can actually get rough stones to tumble after reading our tumbling guide’

You could of course simply buy them, but there’s another option: Fee Mining …

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19 Dec 2013

Fluorescent Minerals and Rocks: How Do They Work?

Have you ever been to a fluorescent mineral exhibit in a natural history museum’
If so, you might be wondering how these normal looking stones suddenly glowed when the lights were turned off …

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