Diamond wedding set - 10 ways to tell if a diamond is real
12 May 2015

10 Ways to Tell If Your Diamond Is Fake

Did you recently inherit a diamond? Are you interested to know whether or not the diamond is real? Are you thinking of purchasing a diamond for that special someone, but worried the great deal you spotted means that you will be wasting money on a fake?

These are just two common situations where you could benefit from being able to tell if a diamond is real or not. Here are 10 ways to tell if a diamond is real or fake..

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3 stone diamond ring with channel set diamonds
09 May 2015

Diamond Fluorescence – All You Need to Know

After you have learned about the 4 Cs of diamonds – cut, clarity, color, and carat – you will find out that there are also a few other factors which can impact quality and value. One of those factors is diamond fluorescence.

Find out what fluorescence is and how it affects the beauty and value of diamonds before you spend any of your hard-earned money.

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Diamond ring close-up - the risks of re-polishing diamonds
01 May 2015

The Risks of Polishing Diamonds

Have you ever seen a natural, unpolished diamond? If so, you know that while rough diamonds are beautiful, they look almost like quartz. They certainly do not sparkle and shine like their polished, faceted counterparts.

Polishing does a lot for a diamond, and has a major impact on its value, but what are the risks of re-polishing a diamond?

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Ruby and diamond bracelet
29 Apr 2015

What is a Mahaleo Ruby?

Have you ever been at the jewelry store checking out the rubies, and noticed that some of them seemed awfully under-priced? Were any of them labeled “Mahaleo ruby?”

If so, you were probably wondering what was up. Why would these rubies be so cheap compared to the rest?

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Oco geode (druzy) from Brazil
26 Apr 2015

How to Hunt for Geodes

If you think back to your childhood and the very first rocks that ever enthralled you, there is a good chance they were geodes. When you find a geode, you feel like you’ve unearthed a hidden treasure—which in a very real sense, you have.

If you are looking to start hunting geodes again, for yourself or as a family outing, read this guide to give yourself the best chance at success!

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Diamond engagement ring and wedding band
22 Apr 2015

What Karat Gold is Best for Rings?

When you are shopping for gold jewelry, perhaps a wedding band for your fiancée, the higher the karat the better, right? Not necessarily. It’s true that 24K gold is the “pure” choice, and must by law contain 99.95% gold.

But there is a big drawback with pure gold, namely that gold is a soft metal. So what are your options and what karat gold ring should you buy?

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Mineral collection at the Kyoto mineral show.
12 Apr 2015

What Are Gemstones, Can All Minerals Be Gemstones?

What are gemstones? Are all minerals gemstones? Are all gemstones minerals?

Find the answers to these questions and more within.

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Blue sapphire and diamond ring
11 Apr 2015

How to Get a Ring Resized

There are a couple of situations where you might need to have a ring resized. Maybe you have spotted the perfect ring at the store, but you know that your girlfriend’s ring size is larger or smaller, and it does not come in any other sizes.

So how do you go about getting a ring resized?

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Amethyst earrings in yellow gold - is it safe to mail jewelry?
08 Apr 2015

Is It Safe to Mail Jewelry?

If you are thinking about sending jewelry in the mail, you may understandably be concerned about it. There are a couple of questions concerning safety you might have.

For example, how do you know it will not break, be stolen or simply vanish? Find the answers to these, and other questions inside.

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nephrite jade nephritite slice
06 Apr 2015

How to Tell if a Gemstone is Real

Shopping for gemstone jewelry? It is important to be sure that what you are purchasing is the real thing and not a cheap synthetic or another type of gemstone improperly labeled. That way you are getting your money’s worth.

But how do you find out if a gemstone is real?

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