Most expensive gemstones in the world
07 Aug 2016

The Most Expensive Gemstones in the World – With Infographic!

Today most gemstones are quite affordable, however, there are still a number of very expensive gemstones. Usually due to a combination of high demand, rarity and beauty.

Find out just how astronomically high prices can get for gemstones!

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Opal necklace - guide to jewelry care
04 Jul 2016

Caring for Your Jewelry

This guide will teach you basics of jewelry care. For when you wear jewelry, when you store it, how to clean and repair it and even how to ship it safely!

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Amethyst crystals - best online gemology schools
28 Jun 2016

The Best Online Gemology Schools and Courses

Is it possible to learn gemology online?

Yes it is, two of the top gemology schools in the world are now offering distance learning options for those who work and can’t attend class full time, or are simply too far away from the campus.

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Polished petrified wood closeup
14 Dec 2015

Types of Petrified Wood

Sometimes if you are out hiking, if you are very lucky, you will stumble across a gemstone which feels like rock, but looks like wood. This is petrified wood.

“Wait,” you may be thinking, “How can wood be a gemstone?” Read the article and find out!

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The Hope Diamond
25 Oct 2015

Top 12 Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

Recently we posted a rundown of the 10 largest diamonds in the world. You might think that the 10 largest diamonds would also be the most expensive ones, but that is not the case.

Find out what diamonds are the most expensive and their astronomical prices.

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Fluorescent diamond necklace
10 Oct 2015

Fluorescent diamond jewelry design

Fluorescent diamonds are not the first thing that springs to mind when talking about jewelry design. In most people’s minds it is synonymous with lower quality diamonds. Edward Fleming however proves that this doesn’t need to be the case.

Incorporating fluorescent diamonds in jewelry lets one hide messages that only become visible under UV light. Read on to find out how this works.

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26 Jul 2015

10 Largest Diamonds in the World

If you were asked to name a famous diamond, which would spring to mind first? For a lot of people, it would be the notoriously cursed but beautiful Hope Diamond.

The blue Hope Diamond is quite large, but at 42.52 carats, it doesn’t even make this list. So what diamonds actually make the list of the top 10 largest diamonds in the world?

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Diamond bangles with diamond and ruby ring - when to hire a professional jewelry cleaner
13 Jun 2015

When to Hire a Professional Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry gets subjected to a lot of wear and tear every day, even when we are careful. The oils on our skin can combine easily with everyday dirt and grime to tarnish metal and scuff up gemstones. And when we’re not careful, jewelry can also get exposed to hairspray, makeup,

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Diamond rings - how to clean diamonds at home
31 May 2015

How to Clean Diamonds At Home

When you wear a diamond ring every day, it can quickly start to look scuffed and lose some of its sparkle. Dust can build up on the surface of the gemstone, and oils and dirt can become lodged in the setting. Over time, this can make your ring appear dull.

Is there a way you can clean your diamond jewelry safely and effectively at home? As it turns out, yes you can.

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Black diamond or carbonado - common questions
16 May 2015

The 10 Most Asked Questions About Black Diamonds

Black diamonds seem to invoke a love or hate response from people. Either way, you probably want to learn more about black diamonds—especially if you are thinking about buying one for yourself or someone else.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about black diamonds!

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