Princess cut diamond in a white gold pavé setting
07 Jan 2015

How to Wear Diamonds: Etiquette Essentials

Whenever you are going to put on a particular jewelry piece encrusted with diamonds, you should give thought to the overall style of your outfit. For example, wearing a diamond necklace requires an unambiguous attire. Even a blouse and a skirt or a suit that seems beautiful to you won’t

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Fluorescent diamond necklace
15 Dec 2013

How Diamonds are Used in Industry

When most of us think of diamonds, we think about the beautiful, sparkling, faceted gemstones which are polished and set in jewelry.

However, most diamonds are used in the industry. Find out what those diamonds are used for …

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3 stone diamond ring with channel set diamonds
30 Nov 2013

Buying Conflict Free Diamonds

Perhaps you’ve heard about conflict- or blood diamonds, and now that you’re in the market for a diamond you want to avoid buying one.

To help you with this, we’ve compiled a short list of the questions you should ask to make sure you’re buying an ethical diamond.

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Solitaire diamond engagement ring with semi-channel set diamonds in yellow gold
27 Sep 2013

Should You Invest in Diamonds?

Looking for an alternative investment vehicle that has intrinsic value? More and more investors are considering diamonds.

However, investing in diamonds comes with a number of pitfalls. Find out what they are, before you run to your local jeweler!

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Solitaire diamond engagement ring with semi-channel set diamonds in yellow gold
25 Sep 2013

Engagement Ring Insurance: What You Should Know

When purchasing an engagement ring, insurance is the last thing on your mind. You’re likely more worried about whether she’ll say yes!

Still, it is worth looking into insuring your engagement ring or other jewelry. Here are a few things you should know before you do.

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22 Aug 2013

10 Most Notorious Cursed Diamonds

Diamonds are widely considered to be among the most beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated gemstones on the planet.

Nonetheless, there are numerous stories about cursed diamonds. Take a look at some of the most notorious diamonds in the world.

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18 Aug 2013

Dig for Diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park

Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas is once again in the news, after a 12 year old boy found a 5.16 carat brown diamond on July 31.

So what makes this state park so special? Well, for one …

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18 Aug 2012

Kohinoor Diamond: Bloodiest History of All Gemstones

The Kohinoor diamond is one of the largest diamonds in the world and certainly one of the most famous diamonds. Currently it is part of the crown jewels of England. Ending what is perhaps the bloodiest history of any gemstone. History of the Kohinoor Diamond The early history of the

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18 Aug 2012

The Hope Diamond: Magnificent Blue Diamond

The blue Hope Diamond, though not the largest diamond in the world, is certainly one of the most famous diamonds in the world. This blue diamond has captured the imagination of the millions of people that have seen it. Most likely the Hope Diamond was found in the Kollur mine

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18 Aug 2012

Famous Diamonds From Around the World

Of all the gemstones in the world, diamonds are the most highly prized, both for their beautiful, sparkling luster and for their useful properties. Diamond is the hardest-known substance in nature and has industrial applications in cutting. The word ‘diamond’ is derived from the Latin word ‘adamantem’ meaning ‘unbreakable.’ This is

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