Men are especially recommended to wear morion in rings.The name morion most likely comes from the Latin word momiorion meaning the dark crystal. Morion is a variety of smoky quartz. The mineral’s coloring can be dark brown or black. The crystals are opaque. Its luster is vitreous. The hardness of the stone is 7.0, and its density is 2.6 g/cm3. The main deposits are located in Russia, France, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the USA, and Madagascar.

Healing Properties

In folk medicine, it is believed that morion cures various blood diseases and improves blood formation. Discs and works of this mineral put onto the hurt area can help in the treatment of the joints diseases, as well as the locomotive system diseases. In some countries, there is a belief that morion is a good tool of giving up bad habits such as alcohol and drugs abuse. Morion affects the crown chakra.

Magical Properties

morion helps its owner in all endeavorsSince ancient times, morion has been considered a stone of fortunetellers, sorcerers and necromancers (those who predict the future through talking to the spirits of the dead). Yet, it is dangerous to use the stone without some training. It will fool around with the uninitiated by distorting the predictions of the future and the conception of the physical world. Moreover, the mineral casts illusions and evokes fruitless dreams and fantasies. However, experts state that jewelers use the burnt stones of the smoky color (the wine yellow minerals also occur). These gems are not suitable for spirit rapping or magic rituals, but they become one’s faithful companions. Jewelry morions attract sympathy of others to its owner. The mineral endows one with charm, eloquence, and makes one amiable and easy to get on with.

The stone worn in earrings evokes creativity in its owner, as well as makes them insightful and stimulate the brain functioning. Men are especially recommended to wear morion in rings. It makes them sexually attractive to the opposite sex, gives them courage, peace, and subdues the outbursts of anger.

Astrologers do not advise wearing morion to the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and Scorpios. The latter tend to practice black magic by their nature, so they will inevitably awaken the evil properties of the stone, such as falsification and deformation of the reality.

As a talisman, morion helps its owner in all endeavors. It protects one from evil spells and contributes to their prosperity.

Source: bibliotekar.ru

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