Magical Properties of Chrysolite

– People who are often envied should draw their attention to chrysolite as the magical properties of the stone are aimed at protecting its owner from the evil eye and evil thoughts of people around them.

Magical Properties of Chrysolite– Chrysolite will bring good luck, riddance of troubles and prosperity to its owner as the properties of the stone are aimed at welfare and this has been widely known and used for a long time. Such properties of chrysolite were often the reason of high demand for the stone among wealthy people, although it costs less than other gemstones (rubies, emeralds, diamonds, etc.).

– Chrysolite is a stone of careful consideration and balanced approach. That is why those prone to act hastily and do something adventurous are recommended to wear it. Chrysolite will help make the right decision and hold back from rash acts.

– Chrysolite also has properties that may be of interest to men. The stone can revive libido and benefit men’s reproductive system of in general.

– Chrysolite is a great amulet for people whose work involves responsibility and a need to stay focused, as well as justice. It will become a great booster for lawyers, judges, doctors, but only if it is natural.

– The mineral also affects the psycho-emotional state. It releases from sorrow, melancholy, depression, apathy, and brings back the joy of life.

– It is believed that the ability of chrysolite to protect from fires and their consequences like burns is another magical property of the stone.

– The magical properties of chrysolite also include helping its owner in all his endeavors; it helps discover or even invent something new.

Magical Properties of Chrysolite

Healing Properties of Chrysolite

– Diseases of the cardiovascular system perhaps are the most serious diseases that people can suffer from. Besides the properties listed above, chrysolite has a lot of healing properties, including the ability to affect the cardiovascular system positively.

– Chrysolite can relieve from insomnia, nightmares and nervous disorders.

– Chrysolite is a perfect eye curer. Healing properties of chrysolite may help in the treatment of many eye diseases.

– Lithotherapists say that using chrysolite can cure even stutter.

– The mineral has a very beneficial effect on the locomotive system.

– There are some healing properties of chrysolite useful in the treatment of colds, respiratory and lung diseases.

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