Jade actually refers to two different metamorphic rocks with similar appearances and properties which are used for ornamental purposes.

Both contain silicate minerals. The first is called Nephrite, the second Jadeite.

Nephrite contains iron impurities which lend it its greenish color. Jadeite contains sodium and aluminum impurities.

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Physical Properties of JadeJade meaning

While jade is usually thought of as a green stone, it also comes in white, black lavender, orange, pink and brown.

The pink and lavender varieties are easily confused with amethyst and rose quartz, and the black is easy to mistake for onyx.

A stone called ‘new jade’ is often mixed up with green jade as well, but it is in reality a form of serpentine, a stone with entirely different properties than jade.

Jade History

The word Jade comes from the Spanish word which translates to ‘loin stone’. The reason for this is that jade was used in folk healing for curing health issues affecting the kidneys and loins.

The word ‘nephrite’ also comes from this same Spanish phrase, ‘piedra de ijada’. When translated to Latin, that phrase becomes ‘lapis nephriticus’.

Few stones are so readily associated with history and artwork as jade. As far back as the Neolithic period, jade was commonly found in the Yangtze River Delta and Inner Mongolia, which is how it came to be such a popular stone in Chinese artwork.

Jade can be found in interior d’cor, jewelry, armor, furniture, and more. Historically, jade’s importance to China has been as significant as the regard held for diamonds and gold in Western society.

Jade Meaning – Metaphysical Properties of Jade

As a prized stone in the ancient Chinese empire, jade was associated with health, long life, and wealth, meanings which are still associated with the stone today.

Jade is considered a lucky stone. If you are embarking on a new business venture, relationship, or personal journey, wearing jade can confer luck on your venture.

Jade is also considered to be a balancing stone, which can moderate intense emotions and also provide perspective. Leaders who wear jade may find it easier to make just decisions and to extend mercy to others.

It can calm negative emotions and provide emotional stability to the wearer. Jade is considered to be a grounding to be a grounding stone which can keep you in touch with the energies of the earth and your own physical body.

Disclaimer: Jade should not be used instead of regular medical treatment, but in addition to treatments. Always seek professional help when dealing with health related problems.

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