Hematite was sometimes called bloodstone (not to be confused with the actual bloodstone), as the streak produced by hematite is red. Also when hematite powder is added to water it can look just like blood.

On top of that the name hematite is derived from the word ‘haima’ which means ‘blood’ in Greek.

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Hematite Meaningrough hematite meaning

Because the meaning of hematite is so intertwined with blood it is no surprise that most of the myths, legends and healing properties are to do with blood.

It is particularly effective for strengthening the immune system and blood vessels in particular. It harmonizes your body and soul and forms a powerful protection against negative energies.

Hematite is a powerful stone that enhances self-esteem and willpower. Which makes it an excellent focus stone for shy and timid persons looking to boost their confidence.

Due to the enhanced willpower it is well-suited for use when dealing with difficult and boring work.

Another perk is that it helps when dealing with difficult situations, for example a relationship that is in danger of ending. The added willpower and confidence makes it possible to find the best solution for the problem at hand.

Keep in mind though, the best solution may not always be the easiest one and in some cases a relationship is better served by the harsh truth instead of the easy way out. Hematite can grant you the courage to face your fears, which makes it a powerful stone indeed.

More recently hematite has seen a resurgence of popularity as a reliever of stress. The magnetic bands that have popped up everywhere are usually imbued with small pieces of hematite.

Hematite Legends and Myths

Legend has it that the places where hematite can be found were the location of ancient battles where much blood was spilled. Drenching the ground and creating hematite.

Hematite has been in use for thousands of years and has held a place of importance in many different cultures throughout the ages. In ancient Egypt for example, small crafts and statues were placed in the tombs of important religious figures, which included several pharaohs.

Several cultures, in particular the Indians in North America, believed that when it was used in war paint it made the user invincible.

Hematite Healing Properties

Hematite meaning is largely focused on blood, so it is not surprising that most of the healing powers attributed to hematite have to do with blood and arteries. As blood is the life-force that powers us all this makes hematite an essential stone for gemstone therapy.

Hematite is used to relieve stress, strengthen the immune system and improve the general condition of the body.

Disclaimer: Hematite should not be used instead of regular medical treatment, but in addition to treatments. Always seek professional help when dealing with health related problems.

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