Bloodstone meaning revolves around its green with red spotted look, giving the bloodstone its name. It’s no wonder that bloodstones are considered powerful healing stones.

For a long time it was the birthstone of March, in the modern list of birthstones its place was taken by the aquamarine gemstone. Bloodstone instills courage which lead to it being called ‘hero’s stone’ at times.

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Bloodstone Meaningbloodstone meaning

Its main chakra is the heart and its astrological signs are Aries, Pisces and Libra. It can help with changing your behavior, especially when it is selfish. Which will strengthen or rebuild old friendships and relations.

Bloodstones can help in building a successful business as it attracts money, a small bloodstone is often kept in wallets or personal safes for this reason. There is no substitute for hard work of course, but some extra? aid never hurts.

Bloodstone Legends and Myths

Bloodstone meaning that surrounds the creation of the stone revolve around the crucifixion of Christ. Several drops of blood fell on the earth, staining the green stones.

This lead Christians in medieval times to carve religious scenes in the stone, in particular the crucifixion of Christ and the death of martyrs. This is the reason it is sometimes called ‘stone of the martyrs’.

It was often worn by soldiers heading into battle who not only believed that it would give them courage, but that it could also stop bleeding.

Bloodstone Healing Properties

The green and red in the gemstone symbolize energy and life force. This makes bloodstone is a powerful healing stone, but it also helps with the energy circulation. Mostly by removing energy blockages.

It is used by crystal healers to treat blood disorders and diseases. In particular when they can be cured by detoxifying. Eye sight is also treated by using bloodstones, but this is not commonly done.

A bloodstone should not be used instead of regular medical treatment, but in addition to treatments. The powers of a bloodstone are not hindered by it.

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