There are many who believe that gemstones have certain energies that can enhance our own good qualities and ward against, or even absorb bad influences.

Indeed in the earliest days, jewelry was probably first created to serve as visible amulets against evil forces. Even if you don’t believe this to be true today, it is still fun to imagine it could be.

Learning the gemstone meanings along with current facts, can give you a well-rounded relationship with the gem itself.
Birthstones meanings Brazilian gemstones

According to Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic, a common trait among the gems is that of protection, which aligns with the early use of jewelry as amulets.

The stones are thought to surround the wearer with certain elements to attract or repel outside energies according to its properties.

The following is by no means an exhaustive list of birthstones, but touches on some of the more popular gemstone meanings throughout history.

The January Garnet

Strength – Worn to enhance physical strength and increase vitality. It also draws energy for additional exertion if needed for heavy physical or mental tasks.

Protection – Garnet jewelry is thought to repel negative or malevolent energies on contact and also to keep the wearer healthy while traveling.

The February Amethyst

Sleep – When placed under a pillow, the amethyst wards off bad thoughts, nightmares and insomnia, encouraging deep sleep and pleasant dreams.

Sobriety – Curbs overindulgence in alcohol and keeps one from drunkenness and lack of good judgment.

Mental strength – Increases focus and improves memory’an aid to business success. Enhances psychic or divinatory endeavors and heightens intuition. A good stone to wear during meditation.

Spirituality – Calms emotional states to bring in feelings of peace, love and well-being. Transforms negative feelings of guilt and insecurity.

Protection – Wear an amethyst for physical protection, particularly against thieves and to lend courage during times of danger.

The March Aquamarine

Purification – Can be rubbed across the body to purify energy, especially before a ritual event. The stone can also be added to the bath or to a glass of water to purify it.

Psychism – Opens the mind to allow psychic activity to occur during meditation or magical ritual.

Protection – Wear aquamarine while at sea, or flying over water.

Peace – Encourages a peaceful state of mind and is a good stone to give to a friend or lover to help avoid arguments.

Mental Clarity – Aids in mental alertness and curbs personal fears.

The April Diamond

Spirituality – Once used as a shaman’s stone, the diamond causes the spirit to soar during meditation or spiritual ritual, possibly reaching states of enthrallment.

Self Confidence – Pertains to increased sexual self confidence and aids in eliminating sexual dysfunction, releasing inhibitions.

Physical Strength – The diamond is the hardest and most durable stone on earth, thus promoting greater physical strength and endurance to the wearer.

Protection – Good to wear for all around protection from negative forces.

The May Emerald

Love – Wear an emerald with the intention of bringing true love into your life. It helps to bring about circumstances to make this happen.

Abundance – Wear continually, or use in ritual to attract money, business and material things.

The Mind – Emerald enhances memory, the ability to speak well and general understanding. It is also a helpful energy for increasing and retaining knowledge.

Protection – Can be worn for protection while traveling.

Healing – A soothing stone to gaze upon to refresh tired eyes.

The June Pearl

Protection – Pearls have long been connected to dragon energy and thus worn to promote physical strength and protect against malevolent forces, particularly demons.

Love – Pearls contain lunar energy which helps women to maintain a happy marriage and to convey loving energy to anyone who would receive it.

Money and Luck – Even though pearls today are cultured by man, at one time they were quite rare since they took years to be created inside an oyster. Such a possession was guaranteed to draw money and good fortune to those who wore a pearl in a gold setting.

The July Ruby

Wealth and power – Worn or used in magic ritual, rubies have the ability to attract serious wealth, including the collection of other valuable gemstones. Along with wealth comes the power it attracts in itself.

Protection – Rubies have a very strong and fiery energy that will envelope the wearer with invulnerability to enemy attack, both physical and mental. It is also thought to guard against injury during a dangerous weather storm.

Energy level – Helps to transform tired, lethargic energy into a more vibrant and productive level. As a result, sadness is banished and is replaced with joy and confidence.

Sweet Dreams – A ruby placed under the pillow discourages nightmare and encourages pleasant dreams.

The August Peridot

Anti-anxiety – Peridot’s sparkling beauty is created ‘under pressure’ of the intense heat deep in the earth, thus passing along the ability to be calm and act well under pressure.

Protection – Helps ward against nightmares, enchantments and other psychic type attacks.

Wealth – As with any green stone, peridot can be worn or used in magic ritual to attract money.

The September Sapphire

Psychic awareness – When used during meditation or focused reflection, the blue sapphire will tap the third eye for psychic information.

Love and loyalty – When given as a declaration of romantic love or friendship, the sapphire works to qualm petty jealousy and encourage good feelings between two people.

Protection – When worn, the sapphire will protect the owner against captivity and will cause any negative intentions sent by others to boomerang back to them.

The October Opal

Beauty – Worn as a beauty charm, the opal encourages the wearer to be more self confident and thus improves her appearance.

Recall past lives – Used in scrying, a person can go into the past and recall a past life. With practice, the stone aids in developing psychic powers.

Money and Power – The fire opal in particular is used in ritual to attract money and power in business.

Invisibility – Carried in a fresh bay leaf, the opal will induce an aura of invisibility on a person who wishes to remain in the background. The opal is also used to aid in astral projection which requires invisibility.

Good luck – Because of its appeal, the standard multicolored opal brings luck to the wearer.

The November Citrine

Fear – Aids in dispelling fear, in particular at nighttime. Also helps to prevent nightmares if put under a pillow during sleep.

Protection – Citrine has fire energy and thus makes a good all-around protection stone to wear.

Psychic Awareness – Since citrine is a form of quartz, it can be used to enhance psychic awareness.

The December Turqoise

Protection – When set in gold, the turquoise is a powerful stone used mainly for protection from a multitude of negative energies. Envy and jealousy, disease, anger and sorcery are just a few examples.

Money – As with many of the other gemstones, the turquoise can be used in ritual to attract money.

Love – Wearing a turquoise is guaranteed to bring love into the owner’s life.

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