In contrast to many other gemstones, peridot will only be found in a single color: deep lime-green. Peridot jewelry is particularly fashionable in the summertime, as it is the birthstone for August.

The lovely, thick coloration of peridot jewelry has always been thought of as a symbol for life. While the most valuable hue is a darker green, the value of other hues are fairly similar.

As the green color is reflective of nature and vitality, it was believed that wearing peridot jewelry would bestow on an individual well being, good luck, and a long life.

Interesting Peridot Facts and LoreAugust birthstone peridot

Commercial-grade peridot might be found pretty easily in rock formations, and there are 5 main areas in the world (including Arizona) where the stones are excavated. Gem-quality peridot, however, is way more troublesome to find.

Peridot stones don’t form by themselves within the earth’s crust, such as other precious stones like emeralds and rubies.

Instead, peridots, like diamonds, need the heat and pressure of the earth’s mantle to increase their density and become harder. (Thus the mystical correspondence to being able to ‘act well under pressure’.)

Actually, some of the most valuable peridots have not come from earth formations but from the center of meteorites, as the carbon within the rocks re-forms under the intense conditions of an impact.

The cleansing energy of the peridot also imbued the power to ward off evil spells or curses. It was believed that the gemstone, when set in gold metal, could serve as an ample counter-spell to evil spirited magicians of old.

Moreover, it could forestall nervousness or stress in general, giving the person the strength necessary to make important political speeches, command a battle, conclude a business transaction, or deliver a successful shipment of merchandise.

August Birthstone Alternatives

If you dislike the peridot for any reason, but would still like to wear a birthstone you are in luck. The sardonyx, carnelian, moonstone and the topaz are all traditional birthstones of August. All four of them are quite affordable, though some varieties of topaz can be a bit pricey.

Sardonyx, moonstone and carnelians are best suited to a pendant, due to their low hardness and because they need to be slightly larger to catch the eye. The topaz, on the other hand, can be worn in a ring without any problems, due to its higher hardness and because it catches the eye even in smaller sizes.

The Crafting of Peridot Jewelry

Peridot jewelry is usually crafted to be able to capture a great deal of light. The gem has such a thick color that, in contrast to clearer gemstones, it can is necessary to heat the jewelry and bring out the richer hue.

Silver settings are most often used in the these beautiful August birthstones because they reflect more light than other valuable metals. Peridot earrings provide an appealing contrast to eye color; peridot necklaces or pendants bring attention to the neckline as a result of the eye’s preference on bright colors.

The peridot stone is not as hard as the diamond or ruby and not as resistant to scratching. Because of this, you’ll find most peridots are set in earrings or pendants as opposed to rings.

How to Clean and Care for Peridot Gemstones

Peridot jewelry can be soaked for several minutes in warm water, after adding a little dish washing soap. Use a soft brush to clean the stone and then rinse thoroughly. Dry off with a soft clean cloth. it is not advisable to use commercial jewelry cleaning solutions or other harsh detergents.

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